Hadrian’s Wall National Trail runs through our farm – you really can’t stay any closer to this amazing World Heritage Site and long distance walk!

We are just on the western edge of the village of Gilsland, about two thirds of the way along the Trail if you start at Wallsend in Newcastle. We can be reached comfortably in a day if walking west from Once Brewed (approximately 10 miles), slightly less comfortably from Housesteads (about 14 miles) and more ambitiously from Chollerford (over 20 miles)! Over the years we have found that walkers who give themselves more time in this middle section enjoy their holiday a lot more. This is because the terrain is deceptively tough, with lots of ups and downs, and there is a lot to see between Chollerford and Gilsland, including 4 world class museums – Chesters, Housesteads, Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum – that are well worth making time to visit, as well as the fantastic scenery.

If walking from the west, the terrain is a lot flatter and people do hike from Carlisle (around 18 miles), though more often from Crosby, Irthington or Walton (15, 12 and 9 miles, respectively).

If you are walking Hadrian’s Wall, you may also like to consider using a baggage transfer service to move your luggage from one stop to the next. Our feedback from guests is that this is well worth it!

Alternatively, you might consider staying at Willowford for more than one night, to save packing and unpacking every day. The excellent AD122 bus service runs through the summer months and stops in Gilsland and at all the major Hadrian’s Wall sites along the Wall. And we are happy to offer a discount for stays of more than one night.